Philadelphia Brewing Co. Raises Thousands of Dollars for Local Charities at Annual Holiday Party

For the past 6 years the Philadelphia Brewing Co. (PBC) has held its annual Holiday party to benefit Flat Iron Wildcats, an animal rescue organization in Kensington that supports spay/neuter, and adoption of cats (and even dogs!).  Flat Iron Wildcats estimates that the support generated by PBC provides 200 spay/neuter surgeries and medical care a year for animals in need of loving homes.

This year the Holiday party benefitted Flat Iron Wildcats, Citizens for No Kill Philadelphia’s Pet Pantry project, Four the Paws Rescue and Tigger House Rescue in Kabul, Afghanistan.

PBC’s commitment to the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia is widely known to all who live near the iconic brewery on Frankford Ave. but not everyone realizes that their generosity extends to homeless animals as well.

Additionally, hundreds of pounds of food have been collected over the years and distributed to feed animals in foster care or to pets in need belonging to low-income owners. This year the food collected will be distributed by Citizens for No Kill Philly through their Pet Pantry project.


Flat Iron Wildcats’ mission is to teach and fund Trap Neuter release programs and spay/neuter of owned pets in East Kensington/Fishtown. To advocate for compassion education. To work with the City of Philadelphia to enact TNR regulations.

PBC : In addition to operating the oldest and largest brewing facility in Philadelphia, PBC also believes that there is more that just great beer behind a successful brewery. It’s our company’s values that put our community, environment and people right up there with the bottom line.