Our brewery was originally constructed as a brewery over 125 years ago. When you step inside you will feel the difference before you get the chance to taste the difference. It was built by the Weisbrod & Hess Oriental Brewing Company in 1885 and designed by brewery architect A.C. Wagner.  This beautifully designed 19th Century facility sets the standard in Philadelphia for the ultimate in recycling and reuse. This is where we are extremely lucky to call our home today.  Since acquiring the massive 38,000 square foot brewery
in 2001, we have set out not only to carefully renovate this forgotten gem but also to revitalize our industrial neighborhood
of Kensington.  

Here are some pictures of our 2008 round of renovations & clean-up efforts at the brewery – click here

The original Hexemer General Survey of the Weisbrod and Hess’ Lager Beer Brewery (now our brewery) in 1886 and this one is our brewery in 1892.